GHK and its affiliates have been purchasing minerals and royalty interests in Oklahoma and across the United States, for over 50 years. GHK Royalty is currently purchasing mineral rights in two of the hottest plays in North America today. Geographically described by the acronyms SCOOP (South Central Oklahoma Oil Province) and STACK (Sooner Trend Anadarko Canadian Kingfisher), these plays lie in GHK’s backyard just outside of Oklahoma City. The SCOOP and STACK continue to receive drilling dollars despite a downturn in commodity prices.

Why Would I Sell?

  • Mineral rights which are leased can produce a royalty for oil and gas production paid over the 30+ years a well is active and producing.
  • Selling your minerals to GHK Royalty allows you to get value for years of production up front, whether or not a well is actually drilled and no matter the productivity of the well.

Sales Process

  • Once you have made contact with us regarding an evaluation of your mineral interest we will send you a formal offer letter detailing the terms of our agreement as well as information regarding the transaction.
  • Once you sign the agreement and accept the offer GHK will verify your ownership through an examination of the land records of the county where the minerals are located, all at no cost to you.
  • When the ownership verification of your mineral interest is complete GHK will send you a deed. Please sign and send that deed back to GHK and we will send you a check!

Please contact GHK Royalty, today!

Carolyn Bechtold Trent